Volume 11,Issue 1 (Winter & Spring 2017)   
 Psychological Disorder, Job satisfaction and Teaching Effectiveness among Iranian English and NonEnglish Teachers

Karim Sadeghi , Zahra Abdollahpoor , Farah Ghaderi

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 Pragmatic Corrective Feedback in L2 Classrooms: Investigating EFL Teachers' Perceptions and Instructional Practices

Zia Tajeddin ,  Servat Shirkhani

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 Effects of Spaced and Massed Distribution Instruction on EFL Learners' Recall and Retention of Grammatical Structures

Amir Mashhadi , Mohammad Taghi Farvardin , Aminollah Mozaffari

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 Coming to Terms with Technology: Iranian High School Teacher's Perceived Barriers and Proposed Solutions

Mahmood Dehqan , Hamed Barjesteh , Mehrdad Faraji

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 On the Relationship between Self-efficacy, Perfectionism, and English Achievement among Iranian EFL Learners

Farhad Ghorbandordinejad , Hamideh Afshar

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 Exploring Nominalization in Physics and Applied Linguistics Textbooks with Different Levels of Difficulty: Implications for English for Specific Purposes

Alireza Jalilifar , Mehran Memari

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 Developing an Inventory to Investigate Current Professional Development Needs of Iranian EFL Teachers

Hassan Soodmand Afshar , Ayatollah Fazelimanie, Mehdi Doosti

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 Understanding the Language Learning Plateau: A Grounded-Theory Study

Mehdi Mirzaei  , Masoud Zoghi , Haniyeh Davatgari Asl

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