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  Current Issue : Volume 11, Issue 2 (Summer & Fall 2017)   

1. Psychological Disorder, Job satisfaction and Teaching Effectiveness among Iranian English and NonEnglish Teachers

Karim Sadeghi,  Zahra Abdollahpoor , Farah Ghaderi  

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2. Pragmatic Corrective Feedback in L2 Classrooms: Investigating EFL Teachers' Perceptions and Instructional Practices

Zia Tajeddin,   Servat Shirkhani  

Show Article | PDF (218.11K)

3. Effects of Spaced and Massed Distribution Instruction on EFL Learners' Recall and Retention of Grammatical Structures

Amir Mashhadi,  Mohammad Taghi Farvardin , Aminollah Mozaffari  

Show Article | PDF (187.92K)

4. Coming to Terms with Technology: Iranian High School Teacher's Perceived Barriers and Proposed Solutions

Mahmood Dehqan,  Hamed Barjesteh , Mehrdad Faraji  

Show Article | PDF (160.80K)

5. On the Relationship between Self-efficacy, Perfectionism, and English Achievement among Iranian EFL Learners

Farhad Ghorbandordinejad,  Hamideh Afshar  

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6. Exploring Nominalization in Physics and Applied Linguistics Textbooks with Different Levels of Difficulty: Implications for English for Specific Purposes

Alireza Jalilifar,  Mehran Memari  

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7. Developing an Inventory to Investigate Current Professional Development Needs of Iranian EFL Teachers

Hassan Soodmand Afshar,  Ayatollah Fazelimanie, Mehdi Doosti  

Show Article | PDF (363.07K)

8. Understanding the Language Learning Plateau: A Grounded-Theory Study

Mehdi Mirzaei ,  Masoud Zoghi , Haniyeh Davatgari Asl  

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Teaching English Language is devoted to problems and issues in second language acquisition/learning/teaching. While preference will be given to theoretically oriented papers and reports of empirical research,discussion of pedagogical issues will be considered if they refer to major theoretical issues in the field. Teaching English Language is a refereed publication. Submitted material undergoes blind evaluation by at least two reviewers selected from the members of the Editorial Board,  Advisory Committee,  and other experts in the field.

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